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At C Lazy U, you’ll experience the thrill of an exclusive hunting trip with enough down time to indulge in other ranch activities.

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Find out what a typical day is like when booking your exclusive hunting vacation in Colorado at C Lazy U Ranch. Hunters start early, but the rest of the days are left up to you. Enjoy daily gourmet meals, cozy accommodations, excellent hunting guides and five-spur service.


Our day starts with breakfast in the main lodge at 5 a.m. Our great kitchen staff rustles up a homemade breakfast before you hit the hills for our private land hunts. Your hunting guides will meet you during breakfast to go through the morning plan and make sure you are equipped with all the supplies needed for the hunt.

Just before first light, you’ll head out in one of our ranch vehicles (a Tahoe, truck, or Jeep) to the hunting destination. We do have blinds throughout the ranch, but we do most of our hunting by spot and stock. Depending on how active the animals are that morning, we will bring you back in around 10:30 am.

While you’re out on the hunt, your family members can take part in the many ranch activities and amenities, including the Lazy You Spa. Because we have plenty to do, it’s one of the reasons C Lazy U Ranch is one of the best hunting locations where you can bring your spouse.

Once you are back on ranch, you are free to spend your time how you want, such as horseback riding or relaxing by the pool. Or, if you are looking to catch up on some sleep, take advantage of our great luxury ranch accommodations.


From noon until 1 p.m., lunch is served either at the Patio House by the pool or up in the Main Lodge where you can expect an expansive buffet or plated meal option.

Around 4 p.m., the guides will round up the hunters to head back on the hunt. The afternoon is usually when we see rain or snow so prepare for some weather, but days are generally sunny during hunting season. You will be on the hunt until dark; afterwards, the guides will get everyone back to the ranch for dinner.


Once you get cleaned up from hunting, the guides will meet you in the Main Lodge for a drink and to swap hunting stories from the day. A family-style or plated dinner will be served in the Main Lodge dining room, depending on the meal and time everyone gets back from hunting. We often gather in front of the TV for some football after the meal.

The main ranch facilities are still very much active during the hunting season. Fall is a popular time for group events, business retreat and weddings, so you will see other guests partaking in these activities during your stay. Many meal times will be shared between the different groups on ranch, making for diverse groups and plenty of camaraderie!

Check out our Hunting Program for an in-depth look at what a typical hunting vacation at C Lazy U Ranch is like.

After the Shot

bull elk and cows
Once a hunter fires a shot, the guides will make sure everything is safe before approaching the animal or the area where animal was. If wounded, we will do our best to track the animal without sacrificing the hunts of our other guests. If the search ends without success, the wounded animal is considered your kill which is noted in the hunting agreement. At this time, we can discuss options to shoot another animal, which is handled on a case-by-case basis.

If the hunter has a successful kill, the guides will field dress the animal before we retrieve and stage the kill back on ranch. Head back to the ranch, where we have a great meat processor and taxidermist on call.

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From the Horse's Mouth

“Amazing Service, Rooms, Facilities and Countryside”

We had the most amazing time at the Ranch and can't wait to go back. The first 'Wow' came on entering our room - just beautiful. Many more 'Wow's' were still to come during the four nights and five days spent on the Ranch. The walks, the Spa, the Horse riding, Fishing, Archery, Climbing - you name it.

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